Hearing God's Voice in the Crowd

My youngest son will soon be 30, but I still turn in a crowd when a young child says “Mommy!” At the recent March for Life—though I could not hear the rally speakers for the chatter in the crowd—I heard the clear voice of a child behind me calling to his mother. In that moment I thought, I wish I could hear God’s still voice so clearly in the crowded chaos of my life!

I’m so grateful that God somehow reaches through all the noise and chaos and calls us to quiet places where we can hear him more clearly. The PPL Board of Directors is “drawing away” for a six-month period to take time to hear God’s voice afresh and to gain wisdom to refine our organizational goals and bring them into alignment with God’s mission for us. I invite you to pray with us during this time and share with us the things God brings to mind during your prayers for PPL. Some of you have already done that and I am grateful for your input.We will continue to send our ENEWS monthly to keep you updated on any changes in Presbyterians Pro-Life.

February is Black History Month, a good time to emphasize: "If we don't have life, then all other issues pale." Vanessa Williams quotes Ms. Davis, a 64-year-old African-American woman, in a February 5, 2017 Washington Post article that I read in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Davis continued, "Education doesn't matter, criminal justice reform doesn't matter, if you cannot make it out of the womb."
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Mia Love: Personal
There were many powerful messages heard in speeches, witnessed in the faces and demeanor of the marchers, and read on signs at the March for Life. Click to view and hear one of the best as Mia Love shares her passion and her personal story.
View the National Memorial Service held on the day of the March here.
See photos and hear other speeches given at the March for Life rally--many which included witnesses to Jesus Christ--here.
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What do African women think about the reinstatement of the Mexico City policy? Do they really believe that African women will die because Americans do not pay for their abortions and abortion counseling? Read this.

Incredible footage of an unborn child at 20 weeks in this YouTube video.

The School of Life provides the practical social and cultural tools that allow local chapters and volunteers to build an effective organization, relate to people, and do the seemingly mundane; work that is at the heart of any successful social movement. There is a modest cost for downloading information.

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Yours in Christ for life,

Marie Bowen
Executive Director


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