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Paris Cooperative High School, Paris, Illinois
Paris Cooperative High School's choral and drama students are singing in style in their new 500-seat theater.  The elegant space features wall panel systems by Stevens Advantage.  The team custom stained the white maple veneer to match the school's interior doors.  The end result was close to Biltmore Cherry, and enhances a beautiful space that will host generations of performers. 
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Construction Leadership Institute
Three Stevens Team Members Graduate CLI Program

Congratulations to J.R. Elder, Mike Schultz and John Apke on their recent graduation from the Construction Leadership Institute (CLI) at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville.  CLI is a nine week Executive Education program for those in the architecture, engineering and construction fields.  Courses were constructed by the School of Business and the School of Engineering’s Department of Construction.  Course attendees included general contractors, construction management teams, and representatives from the manufacturing sector.  

Class themes included strategic thinking, leadership styles and attributes, communication and presentation skills, risk, insurance and bonding, construction financial management, project proposal preparation and lean building principles.  Participants found the group project challenging and interesting.  Team members collaborated on a project plan then prepared formal, written proposals and finally presented it as a group to the entire class and prospective customers.
Mike Schultz commented, “Our collaborative projects were the most thought-provoking.  Hearing from different companies and classmates with a variety of skills gave me insight that I’ll use in my work as a project manager.  The CLI coursed expanded my knowledge and gave me resources and skills to understand many kinds of project management.”

John Apke, who will be serving on the CLI Advisory board as an Alumni Representative, agreed that the team presentation was a positive learning experience.   “We used several techniques we learned from class and put them to practical use during our presentation,” he commented.  “The most important device I learned was evaluation of my personal strengths and weaknesses, and how to use that information to recruit new team members with skill sets to supplement my own.  In our strategic planning session we learned about ‘Communicating a Shared Vision.’  I used this with my team and members responded with improved moral and engagement because they better understood our goals and direction.”

Beyond the curriculum, the class had additional benefits, explained J.R. Elder, Stevens Vice President of Casework Services.  “Connecting with other attendees was as great experience.  Our shared construction backgrounds offered a lot of discussion topics.  During breaks we had time to share ideas and stories, which was especially useful among our general contractor peers.  It was an opportunity to improve our knowledge of our customer and their needs. The CLI course helped us grow in our abilities to speak in public, interact with teams and to learn more about ourselves. The class provided a lot of useful, practical skill enhancement.”

John Apke
Mike Schultz
J.R. Elder
Submittal Drawings
Dealer Drawn, Dealer Approved

Submittal drawings created by dealers have a significant, positive impact on overall project timing.  Research into the process and timeline indicate dealers completing submittal drawings can save four weeks or more in overall project time.  Those dealers currently using StevensDRAW, our drawing automation which sits on top of Auto CAD, have found it to be a tremendous tool.  Fewer steps in the interpretation of the end-customer’s desires lead to reduced errors, saving time and costly reworks.  As your customer’s point of contact, you are best equipped to interpret their needs and transfer them into drawings.  There is no better time to take ownership of this leg of the process than in this, our busiest time of year.  We are your partner in producing successful outcomes for every job!

Questions about StevensDRAW or the submittal process?  Contact Travis Oaks.
New Dealer Welcome

Stevens Advantage is pleased to welcome two new dealers to our team, Steel Products, Inc. and Architectural Arts.  Both companies bring years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge and skill.  We know they'll be a tremendous addition to the Stevens Advantage team, as we look toward our busiest year to date. 

Steel Products, Inc., based out of Rockville, Maryland, represents manufacturers and provides specialty installation in an array of settings.  They will be pursing education facility opportunities in Maryland.

Architectural Arts, with two locations in Iowa, specializes in millwork, manufacturing, design and installation.  They will represent Stevens Advantage in Iowa, South Dakota, and the education market in Nebraska.  Be sure to check out their staff biographies - they are very entertaining!
Project Photos 
Dealer Submissions for Project Profiles

Stevens is creating a 2016 Year in Pictures book of all casework and millwork projects.  We believe these photo collections to be tremendous sales tools for your fast-moving bidding season.  Your assistance to compile a strong collection is appreciated.

Submit photos to Amanda Emmerich. Please include one outside shot including the building sign, along with five to six interior photos.  If possible, try to hide away boxes, large trash receptacles, ladders and clutter to achieve clean, attractive photos that can be used in marketing.   

Stevens Industries, Inc. is celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2016.  Thank you for your support, partnership and friendship through the years.  

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