The first quarter is already in the rear view mirror.  In this issue of the VAC PAC we are going to share with you minor design change in the V200 and the D400.  Then also remind you of some training opportunities at VAC. 
V200 Design Enhancement

The V200 will undergo a slight design change on the housing.  The current design of the V200 is one piece for the housing, which includes the connection plate.  The new design of the V200 will separate the positioner housing from the connection plate.  The separate connection plate allows VAC to beef up the area around the output and supply ports, as well was making it possible to machine the threaded ports after painting for easier assembly in your shop.  The separate connection plate also really helps with the ease of manufacturing, which in turn helps VAC keep the V200 cost competitive. 
This will not have any affect on size of the positioner.  The new V200s will start arriving very soon, if you have any questions please email Tammie Hughes. 

Training Class in May

A special thanks to the attendees of our training class in March.  The guys pictured below are from left to right, front row: Cody Hicks with Cajun Process Solutions, Colin Henderson with Wolseley, back row left to right:  Rick Renfroe with Process Valve & Instruments, Todd Driscoll from SDH, JC Labelle from Belletek Controls in Quebec, and Chris Moreaux with Swissfluid. The training class for May is already booked up but we do have openings for August 16 and 17th.  Please call us at 205.678.0507 or email Tammie Hughes, these spots will not last long!!! ​


D400 Design Changes

The new revision of the D400 that will be released soon is called Revision 5. (Revision 4 was skipped)  The first units to get the changes will be our standard general purpose units, moving on down to the EX units.  The D400 will get a facelift on the plastic covering inside the front cover as you can see pictured above.  Other notable changes include a gearless potentiometer that will allow for higher cycles, also allow for the unit to do rotations that are 270 degrees.   Allow for users to switch from Hart 7 to Hart 5.  There are several other new options inside the software that add even more performance enhancements to the D400.  
We will probably see the new shipments on these units in by the end of April or during May. 

Thank you for your continued support of our product line. If you have any questions or would like to get more information such as product brochures please call us at (205) 678-0507.

You may also visit our website for more information, (click Valve Accessories & Controls to be redirected) Valve Accessories & Controls.

Randy Estes
Valve Accessories & Controls