2016 Assembly Information
Please take note of the following information before next weekend!!
Let's Start With the Important Things....
Coffee Alert!!!!
If you are a coffee drinker, as I know many Lutherans are,
you may want to take advantage of the coffee maker in your hotel room, if you're staying at the Omaha Marriott; or you may want to fill your cup at the continental breakfast at the hotel you are staying at and bring with you, or stop at Starbucks. Coffee will only be served during the continental breakfast breaks at 10:15 ish on both Saturday and Sunday, and into the afternoon on Saturday!!  You've been warned!!
FOOD! - Special Dietary Needs
If you specified on your registration form that you needed Gluten Free, Diabetic or other special dietary needs, please ask the servers for your specific request, especially at the banquet on Saturday evening!

Omaha Marriott - If you are staying here, they do not provide a free continental breakfast. You can bring your own food to have in your room, there is a fridge and coffee maker, or there will be a continental breakfast around 10:15 ish both Saturday and Sunday morning. There is a restaurant in the hotel where you can purchase breakfast, but it is a little spendy. 
Schedule for Arrival
Date: June 10th - 12th.
Pastors: Pre-assembly event begins at 9:30 am at St John's Lutheran Church in Council Bluffs. If you haven't registered for that please call Julie and let her know you will be coming.
Registration begins at 2:00 pm at the Omaha Marriott
New voting member orientation at 3:00 pm in Opex B
Opening Worship at 4:00 pm
Meal: 5:30 pm
Please note: If you want to vote during the first plenary that begins at 6:30 pm, you must check-in before 6:15 pm.
Location: Omaha Marriott, 10220 Regency Cir., Omaha, NE 68114; Phone 402-399-9000
Free parking in hotel parking lot!
 Items to bring with you:

  • Photos of Unsung Heroes!! Who are those unsung heroes in your congregation? We are asking that all voting members give some thought as to those from their congregation who should be acknowledged and bring a picture of their unsung heroes so we can display them in a prominent place. It will give us the opportunity to celebrate everyone who serves as the Church Together!

  • Your congregation's Hunger offering - offering will be collected at both the opening and closing worship services.

  • Diapers for Pottawattamie Family Services or a donation towards it.

  • Refillable coffee cup or water bottle (Go Green)

  • Electronic Device, if accessing assembly information that way.

  • A Smile and an open heart and mind.

  • A light sweater or jacket if you get cold easily! You may want to dress in layers!
Attention Youth or Adults Bringing Youth
The youth need to provide a completed medical form and a behavioral covenant and have a parent/guardian sign it. This must be brought to the assembly with them. It would be most appreciated if they could be scanned and emailed to Lynn before Wednesday night however. Forms here!
Assembly Reports & Information
Ways to Access the Assembly Reports

  1. View and read the reports on an electronic device, ipad, phone, laptop. (see App info below)
  2. Print out the reports yourself to read beforehand and refer to at the assembly.
  3. Have someone else print the reports for you.
  4. You indicated you wanted a printed report when you registered and will receive one at the registration desk when you arrive. 

Assembly Report Book & Partners in Ministry Reports
Reports can be found here!!  Along with other helpful information about forums, displays, etc!! 
    2016 Western Iowa Synod Assembly App
    The Assembly app is ready to download

    Follow these instructions: 
    1. Search in the app store (not guidebook) "ELCA Organizations & Events" to download the app.
    2. Then within that app, search for Western Iowa Synod. That should bring you to the 2016 Western Iowa Synod Assembly app.​ That's It!!!
    or click here and have the link text to you! or available on a web browser here! or scan the QR code above!! 
    We look forward to seeing you in Omaha next weekend as we gather as Church Together!!