Lowe's Heroes Project
About a month ago the phone rang at the Children's Safety Center. It was Lowe's 412 store manger, Caleb Nance, asking if we had any community projects that they could do for us since their current one fell through. I said yes but asked if they knew what the CSC was and how they heard about us. Caleb said he googled Children's Centers and ours was the first one that popped up. He checked out our website but wasn't sure exactly what we do and he and a few others would like to come tour the facility.  

Caleb, Greg and William came out the following week, toured the CSC, and started a long wish list of projects and updates that we needed. Depending on their budget they felt some of these could be done. We were so excited about the possibility of new paint, carpet and maybe new sound proof doors for our interview rooms but knew we had to keep it under budget. 

The next week Lowe's showed up with a team of 12 and started their 3 day Hero Project for the Center. Not only were we getting updates to the forensic interview rooms, but Lowe's was making our entire wish list come true! Partnering with their vendors Lowe's was able to provide new paint, carpet, art, sound diffusers, and custom made soundproof doors for our interview rooms! But that's not all. They also brought in a new, much needed refrigerator, built custom shelves for our front lobby, and put a fresh coat of paint on our chalk board walls in the playroom. Knowing about our upcoming open house, the volunteers even bought us new Halloween decor.

They donated their time, talents and treasures all while thanking US for what WE do. These men and women are true Heroes to the children we serve and to the staff at the CSC. If you are in the Springdale Lowe's 412 store, please take the time to thank them for their service to our mission. Hands On, Hearts In.

Emily Rappe' Fisher and the CSC Team

Before, During and After