Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, February 2015
By Marie Bowen, Executive Director of Presbyterians Pro-Life
Think of the tricky balancing act parent's experience when a child's report card shows improvement but does not rise to best effort. I face that same navigation dilemma in knowing what to say regarding H.R. 36.

This bill is a huge step in the right direction but not nearly enough to achieve dignity and protection for the tiniest and most vulnerable human beings.

God's truth and his principles for our living are timeless. Consider this from PPL Archives, Summer 1991.
By Terry Schlossberg

A presenter in a recent dialogue on abortion expressed dismay that the format didn't allow him to ask of the pro-life presenters the same question we see in Planned Parenthood ads, "Who decides?"

Better questions have to do with the moral role of the church ...
There may not be a better example of the wrong question in the abortion discussion than "Who decides?" We women know that we will decide. Is the church obligated to teach what is right and what is wrong as Guardian of God's truth? 
Love is for Eternity
Start every day of the year with a devotion by Joel Patchen focused on a Bible teaching about life.
If you are a Christian who is passionately pro-life, God may want to equip you to be a significant voice for innocent human life. Should you accept this mission you will first want to search God's word and engage in prayer. . . 
Let me suggest a first step. I've just become aware of a wonderful daily devotional book written by Joel Patchen. 
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Ever wonder about how to do a sermon on abortion? Watch this fresh and impactful approach, Christ Community Church of El Centro, CA 
A heart-wrenching song, “Mommy,” by Kira Ministry

The Largest Unreached People Group WHERE ARE THE MISSIONARIES? by Rolley Haggard, Breakpoint, Feb 19, 2015
Thank God for Abortion Providers? By Mark Tooley, IRD

For those in the PCUSA: Where God loves abortion and hates Israel, by David French

Dying with Grace, a byFaith interview with Kara Tibbetts 
Perspective on China's forced abortion policy.
You really should watch this! Hear what children think about abortion.
New Beginnings, Helping orphans in Nepal, by Tom Velie

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God answers prayer. 
PPL is seeking Christians who will commit to PPL's ministry of prayer called
Life Support.

Ezekiel 16
Pray and repent on behalf of our nation for sacrificing God's children by aborting them to satisfy selfish desire.

Ask God to remind us all of our helpless beginnings & fill our hearts with compassion for the unborn.
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