Singing With the Madison Symphony Orchestra
Thursday, November 12, 2015
Hello Con Gioia, Cantabile and Ragazzi Families!

We are resending this information that you should have received in early October as a reminder that the MSO event is just around the corner. If you are planning to attend but have not yet purchased your tickets, we encourage you to take care of that detail as we have heard from the symphony today that tickets are selling quickly. The $5 discount coupons provided by the MSO are available in the MYC office and also at the rehearsal table each week.

We will be sending a detailed email next week with call times, etc.
Wednesday, December 2nd kicks off our five-day rehearsal and performance commitment with the symphony. Please check your calendar for the rehearsal and performance schedule and make sure you have these dates and times noted. As a reminder, your commitment is for the entire week of rehearsals and performances.

All of our MSO rehearsals and performances are at the Overture Center. Pick up and drop off is at the Security Door at 121 N Henry Street.  Security passes will be distributed to singers in November and access to the backstage area will be limited to singers, staff and official chaperones. We will have a sign up for chaperone volunteers in November.

Con Gioia
You will be singing in the first half of the program only and your pick up times will reflect that. Parents wishing for their singers to join them in the hall for the second half of the concert will need to pick up their singer at Security during intermission. (Don't worry--there is always plenty of time to accomplish this!) You will also need to purchase a ticket for your singer if they are joining you for the second half of the program.

Cantabile and Ragazzi
You sing in both halves of the program and your pick up times will reflect this.

Discount Coupons
The MSO has again provided discount coupons for $5 off each ticket you wish to purchase. Coupons will be at the rehearsal table beginning this weekend and are also available by stopping by the office during the week.     

Just ONE coupon is needed for purchasing multiple tickets. (Please take just one coupon per family.)

Coupons are only valid at the Overture Center Box Office so once you decide which performance you'd like to attend, you will need to visit the Box Office in person to take advantage of the discount. We recommend the cheap seats!  Great sound and easy on the wallet. Con Gioia families: don't forget to purchase a ticket for your singer if she is joining you for the second half of the concert--she will need a reserved seat!

That's all for now--you will receive reminders in November. Questions? Please ask!