February 15, 2016


Monday Memo


Cattle Market Notes 
Dr. Brian Williams​
Week ending February 12, 2016

Cash Cattle:
Cash traded fed cattle finished the week lower. The five-area fed steer price ended the week averaging $131.70 for live sales, and $205.96 for dressed; respectively, down $0.50 and $4.04. Total volume sold was up 10,000 head from a week ago and up 7,000 head from last year.
Feeder steer cattle and calves were mixed across much of the U.S. this week. Oklahoma City feeder cattle were up $11.00 for lightweights and down $3.00 to $4.00 for heavier cattle. In Mississippi auctions, lighter weight feeders weighing 450-500 pounds were down $5.00 from a week ago, averaging $187.50, while heavy steers were averaging $132.50, down $7.50 from last week

Live cattle futures and feeder futures were lower this week. February live cattle were down $5.93 on the week and $29.60 lower than a year ago at $130.00, while April live cattle were down $4.92 from last week and down $24.15 from a year ago. Feeder cattle were lower on the week with March futures down $2.55 from last Friday and down $53.43 from a year ago at $150.45 while May futures are down $3.85 on the week. Nearby corn futures are down $0.06 from a week ago while May futures are also down $0.07

Wholesale boxed beef prices are down compared to a week ago. Choice boxes averaged $217.63, down $4.21 from a week ago and $21.06 lower than a year ago. Select boxes ended the week with an average of $214.12, down $3.14 from last week. The choice-select spread narrowed from $4.58 a week ago to $3.51 this week

Tuesday is 
Beef Night 
at the Rodeo!

Beef will be featured tomorrow during the rodeo. 
Look for Beef It's What's For Dinner banners and announcements through out the rodeo. MBC will also recognize family farms who produce and retail beef from their Mississippi operations. 


Total Recipe Time: 25 to 30 minutes
Makes 4 servings


23 - MCA Legislative Luncheon
25 - Wayne CCA

February 27, 2016
Tylertown, MS

MCA Online!
You can pay your MCA dues online. MCA is looking out for cattle producers in Mississippi. MCA monitors the legislative and regulatory activity in Jackson and Washington, D.C. We're working every day to influence producer legislation in a manner that benefits cattle producers. Click here to learn more.

Convention Highlights

Scholarships Awarded
Thanks to the Mississippi Cattlemen's Foundation, The Wax Company, The Butch Withers Family, and Mississippi CattleWomen's Association, scholarships totaling $86,000 were presented to the children and grandchildren of MCA members at Saturday's annual meeting.
First South Farm Credit sponsored the Awards Luncheon.
Jones Wins Outstanding County 
On Friday night Jones County Cattlemen's Association was presented with Outstanding County Affiliate Award. 
Jones county has held numerous blood drives for the community as well as cooking for numerous community events. Jones County President, Mike Murry, accepted the award along with Josh Upton and Kim Tolbert, Extension Agent.
Megehee Inducted Into Hall Of Fame
MCA Past President, Jacob Megehee was inducted into the Cattlemen's Hall of Fame Saturday during the Awards Luncheon. 
Megehee has served on the board of the Noxubee County Cattlemen's Association, Mississippi Beef Council, and numerous state and national cattlemen beef committees. 
He is a decorated veteran, community leader, church volunteer, and advocate for the cattle industry. Megehee accepted the award with his wife, Martha and family.
Wheels for Bucks
MCA President, Dr. Harold Newcomb and Excutive Vice President, Andy Berry accept a check from Merck Field Representative Danny Jones. The $3,765 was made possible by the Ralgro Wheels for Bucks project. Producers from across the state save their empty wheels and returned them before the convention to help MCA.
This is the fifth year Merck has made a similar contribution to MCA.
Oppose Animal Rights Legislation in MS Senate
Contact your member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and ask them to support Mississippi's Livestock farmers by voting against Senate Bills 2174, 2307, and 2231.
They can be reached at (601)359-3770.

Members of MS Senate Ag. Committee:
Sen. Juan Barnett - District 34
Sen. Jennifer Branning -  District 18
Sen. Chris Caughman - District 35
Sen. Lydia Chassaniol - District 14
Sen. Eugene Clark - District 22
Sen. Angela Hill - District 40
Sen. Robert Jackson -  District 11
Sen David Jordan - District 24
Sen. Joseph Seymour - District 47
Sen. Willie Simmons - District 13
Sen. Charles Younger - District - 17
Sen. Russell Jolly - District 8

Current animal welfare laws are sufficient to punish any offenders. Mississippi does not need any additional unnecessary regulations in these matters.These bills are a first step towards an attack on all animal agriculture. Help MCA by calling today!
Steer Raffle
 Again this year, Southern AgCredit donated their champion steer purchased in the Sale of Junior Champions, to MCA. 
We thank Southern AgCredit for their continuing support of county and state cattlemen's assocation activities.
Reapplication For Assistance Encouraged
If you were denied assistance for losses due to drought conditons and were deemed ineligible then you are encouraged to reapply. 
Senior Cochran office asked that this information be shared with producers, we thank the Senator for working on behalf of the cattlemen in the state.
Producers are encouraged to submit applications to FSA and request relief with an explanation about their confusion when filling out the acreage report.  Under the relief process, producers will be able to explain their circumstances to the local County Committee, which then in turn makes a recommendation through the State Committee to the Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs, who will consider relief on the merits of each individual case.  Producers should highlight any confusion, unclear directions from FSA staff, history of grazing the land in prior years or other mitigating factors such as being a first-time LFP participant as part of the request for relief.
BQA Training Scheduled
The Mississippi Beef Quality Assurance (MS-BQA) Program identifies areas in beef production where defects in quality occur. The MS-BQA Program is a cooperative effort between beef producers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and professionals from the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, MSU Extension Service, and MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, who believe that cattle managed under BQA guidelines will be less likely to contain a violative residue, injection-site tissue damage, or foreign metal such as broken needles.
Several face to face BQA trainings are scheduled  throughout the state. These meetings are being hosted in partnership with local sale barns. A certification fee of $15 is required and includes manual, vaccine cooler, and bumper sticker. Certifications begin at 6:30.
March 25 -  Verona  
March 29 -  Natchez 
April 14 -  Grenada Stockyards
Allied Industry Members

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