Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Happy Thursday, MYC! 
We hope all of you are well and enjoying more time with your families under these extraordinary circumstances. It's been quite a week for everyone and we want to share how MYC is managing through this and also give you a few updates on things to come.

How Are We Managing?
Last Friday was our last day in the office all together. We are, like most of you, now working from home and staying connected via email, text, and Zoom. We are making the best of it and appreciating the unexpected delight when Sammy, Nicole's entertaining four year-old, or one of Mike's unassuming cats joins our meetings!

With rehearsals and schools not in session, we are taking advantage of our conductors' more flexible schedules and planning to meet as a whole staff virtually to check in with everyone on a weekly basis. This is something we've never been able to do so frequently before as a full staff and we consider this an awesome silver lining for MYC!

The work we do outside of rehearsals, we are able to do and for that, we are grateful. Our board is continuing to meet. We are continuing to plan, raise funds (more on that below), budget, dream, and strategize for the future. 

Most of our work this past week has been simply adjusting to the loss of not having rehearsals and wondering what we can do to stay connected with our MYC community of singers and families. For this week, we have identified two things we would like to recommend if you're feeling a bit lost without MYC. Please keep reading for the details!

Two Ways to Feel Better Without Rehearsals
(For singers and their families)
1. Check our YouTube channel or Facebook page at 4:00pm this Sunday, March 22, then join our Facebook Live event immediately following at 4:30pm. The post at 4:00pm will ask a question, and the Facebook live event will allow you to answer that question, participate with our MYC community, see a familiar face, and perhaps sing and laugh a bit. Please set a calendar reminder!  For those not able to join live, we'll be permanently posting the video to all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) so you can watch it (and rewatch it) at any time. 

2. Participate in the It's MYChoir Campaign (Parents, please share this with your singer if they don't receive the Weekly Notes in their inbox). If you are missing rehearsals, you have something to share about what MYC means to you. Communicating that to people who care about you and how you spend your time is a wonderful thing to do this week for these reasons: 
  • Everyone is grieving the loss of something right now and hearing from a young person about the ways singing in a choir has helped you, given you a sense of community, taught you to think about difficult things differently, etc., will be a bright spot in their day.
  • Telling your MYC story will help you process what is going on in the world this week. It will help you identify the indelible things you've learned being part of MYC.
  • Spending time thinking about why you're missing something (instead of just missing it) will help you feel more connected to it and will brighten your mood!

Many of you are actively participating and we are so grateful! If you have held off until now, we ask that you please consider joining the rest of the MYC community in reaching out with an email, letter, or Facebook fundraiser to the people who will be moved by the work we are doing in your singer's life. We will be extending the campaign into the next few weeks with the hope that we will reach our goal of 100% participation.

Singers who have received checks in the mail at home and are ready to turn them in, feel free to mail them to the MYC office ensuring we also have each donor's information along with their check. You can have your donors complete a donor record form electronically from our website or you can do this for them by using the "Donate via Check" button. As a reminder, our office address is:

Madison Youth Choirs
10 W Mifflin Street, Suite 400
Madison, WI 53703

Finally, please thank your donors! They are making many wonderful things possible and they are acknowledging the importance of MYC in your life. That's a wonderful thing to celebrate and something for which to be very grateful!

Thanks to everyone who is sharing what MYC means to them. When we need some encouragement, we turn to the fundraisers that have been posted on Facebook and find the bright spot in our week.  

A Programming Update
As a result of the virus and its impact on the older population, our spring tours, scheduled for the end of April, have been canceled. Sadly, with half of our scheduled venues being retirement homes or care facilities, a spring tour is not viable at this time.  This will be the first year we have not loaded the buses for a day of singing throughout Dane County in our memory. Like all of you, we add this to the list of things we will appreciate all the more when we are on the other side of this pandemic. 
Introductory Choir Summer Registration
Registration is open on our website for our summer sessions of introductory choir. Introductory choir will be offered in one-week sessions meeting Monday through Friday from 9am to noon and includes time outside and a snack! All sessions will be held at Christ Presbyterian Church. Please direct interested friends and family to our "Join a Choir" page on our website for more information.
Thank you for reading to the end!
Stay well and we look forward to seeing you this weekend on Facebook at 4:30pm. If you need us before then, please call or email. We miss you.