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Request from the Synod Nominating Committee

The synod nominating committee will soon be meeting to assemble a slate of candidates for election at the May 1-3, 2020, synod assembly. There will be elections for synod council, disciple committee, consultation committee, and nominating committee.

The current synod nominating committee is requesting the names of people who the committee may consider for these positions. It is especially helpful to have names of laypersons and also persons of color or whose primary language is other than English. Please send suggestions with contact information along with a brief reason this person is being recommended to the nominating committee chair, Pastor Nate Liedtke at

The Bishop's Shirt
See Bishop Burks's message on gun violence and read Bishop Eaton's letter to Congress on gun violence here.
Synod Book Club - Nov. 19
Join others from around the Southeastern Iowa Synod for online discussions on books related to our shared ministry. All discussions will include an introduction and a time to discuss the book with a small group of people from around the synod via video conference. The second book club discussion will be November 19 on Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church. 
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Churchwide News 
Fight Hunger: proposed rule would limit access to SNAP hunger benefits
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Seasons of Doubt 
When serving as a parish pastor, I would sometimes be asked if it was possible to be a faithful Christian and also doubt. Could one be a disciple and also question? 

Parishioners would be hesitant to ask for fear that they would face judgment—Divine and mine. Somehow, we’ve gotten it into our heads that doubt has no part of faith, that questions are disloyal, and that anguish and even anger are an offense to God. Continue reading...
Plan Ahead for Lent 2020
 ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving will continue in 2020. Together, we’ll experience how the grace of Christ moves us to engage in transformative works of love around the world through ELCA World Hunger as God calls us into the ministry of hope, liberation and restoration. This year, ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving will focus on hope. Even in challenging times, we believe in God, and we hope in the work God is doing in the world. Visit to download or order additional copies of these resources, and get started on your planning today.
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Several job opportunities posted 
Visit the synod's website to see new position listing. This includes a church musician, program coordinator in infant and maternal health, and full-time chaplaincy. See more
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Give thanks for the leaders, ministries and resources of our church that deepen our understanding and practice of stewardship and generosity. Pray that we might spread the gospel, serve our neighbor and do God’s work in the world with the gifts and resources entrusted to our care.
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