May 24, 2016

It's Official - NED is DEAD!
After weeks of suspended progress, Kinder Morgan officially cancels the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline

Monday at 12:30, Kinder Morgan filed a Notice of Cancellation for the NED pipeline on the FERC Docket. After nearly 2-1/2 years, the project is officially dead. Though market forces are currently making many fossil fuel endeavors unprofitable, public opposition made the road rockier and delayed the project's progress.

Of course, there are still four other unnecessary pipeline projects in Massachusetts and many more throughout the greater Northeast, not to mention others across the country. While this is fantastic news for the communities in PA, NY, CT, NH and MA that were facing the NED project, none of us will soon forget what it feels like to be in the crosshairs. Many of us who have been fighting NED have already been helping communities along other pipeline routes, and those fighting for change at FERC, and we'll continue to do so.

There is also the possibility that Kinder Morgan may come back at a later time with a whole new proposal. During the suspension period, Kinder Morgan expressed interest in continuing to work with proponents like Berkshire Gas, Erving Paper and the developers of a possible gas-fired electric plant in Vernon VT.  They may return with a smaller project or even divide developments into small, individual segments, but this would now require them to start the process over entirely. No doubt, after fighting to save our communities for these long years, we'll be keeping a keen eye out for any developments.

The push nationwide to keep drilling and transporting fossil fuels is the wrong way for us to be heading as a country and as global citizens. Many of us will be continuing on in the push to change the course of energy production and distribution across the country. There's still much to be done, but it's great to know that victory is possible and we, here in THE FORMER NED territory, no longer need to work under the fear of immediate, personal harm.

No Fracked Gas in Mass will keep you informed as we forge ahead on the CT Expansion and other fights, and as we continue the push to shape a future focused on clean energy.

Thanks to the many hundreds of you across multiple states who put your nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel to earn this victory!

We can move on wholeheartedly to other fights, stronger for knowing that we CAN and DID make a difference.

~ Rosemary Wessel
Founder/Director, No Fracked Gas in Mass

Omnibus Energy Bill is released - with no pipeline tax!

H. 2881, the long-awaited Omnibus Energy Bill, has been released. While there was expectation of pro-pipeline-tax provision among the many other items in this bill, it turned out to contain none. Thanks to all who kept our legislators aware of opposition to the idea, there's no mention of gas in the bill at all.

Though there's nothing highly objectionable in the bill, there's still room for some improvements. This review by Mass Power Forward offers some ideas for action:

» House Releases "Ominous" Energy Bill – it's not so scary

"Pipeline tax" still being pursued by gas-fired electric generation companies - Pittsfield hearing scheduled

The Mass. DPU has scheduled a 3rd public comment hearing for Pittsfield concerning 16-05, the proposed National Grid contract on Access Northeast and 15-181, the proposed Eversource contract.

"The Department will conduct a third public hearing to receive comments on the Companies’ petition:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
5:00 p.m.
The Berkshire Athenaeum
(Pittsfield’s Public Library)
One Wendell Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Connecticut Expansion Pipeline still looming!

AG's office "exploring" whether or not to appeal Berkshire Superior Court ruling granting Kinder Morgan eminent domain over Article 97-protected Otis State Forest

We were all surprised to find out last week that the MA Attorney General hasn't committed to filing an appeal to the Berkshire Superior Court ruling that gave Kinder Morgan permission to access land in Otis State Forest, an Article 97 property, for the CT Expansion pipeline project.

We're asking everyone to urge the AG's office and Dept. of Conservation and Recreations (DCR) to file an appeal and stand up for our State Constitution!

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We'll still be here, fighting the CT Expansion pipeline and aiding other communities fighting AIM, Access Northeast, Constitution and others, and keeping an eye out for possible resurrection of NED or another restructured project. We'll also still be working with PLAN-NE, Mass Power Forward and other organizations to help ensure bold steps away from fossil fuel dependency continue and grow!

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