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Tour Wardrobe Advisory Meeting
Invitation to Singers and Chaperones
Singers and chaperones are invited to participate in a tour wardrobe advisory meeting with MYC staff on Sunday afternoon, March 6, at 2:45pm at Westgate. The goal of this meeting is to share options for our informal tour wardrobe and receive feedback from singers and chaperones before making final decisions. Singers wishing to have input on the tour wardrobe options are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions. The meeting will be finished by 3:30pm.

Missing Items
February 1 was the deadline to:
  • register with our tour vendor, Gateway
  • submit a passport photo to the MYC office
  • report your T-shirt size to the MYC office

Singers and chaperones with missing items will be receiving a reminder email today.

We can't stress enough the importance of paying attention to every due date we publish and the details provided in each email. Thank you for reading carefully and making sure you understand the action steps and due dates. This will become increasingly important as we move toward our summer rehearsal schedule and departure.
Deviation Deadline is April 25
If you are planning to travel with your singer after the festival, you must complete the deviation process with Gateway by April 25, 2016. Please start this process today if you haven't already done so! A deviation is any change to your singer’s return ticket and is allowed on the return flight only. There is a $50 deviation request fee and fare increases may apply.  Requests must be submitted, completed, and paid in full by April 25, 2016.  (This date is dictated by the ticketing schedule in place with KLM.) Deviations are handled directly with our travel vendor, Gateway, and their air consolidator. The deviation request form is available on the tour webpage and may also be found on the My Gateway portal. 
Please note: singers will be occupied with group events through Sunday, August 7, until 4pm. You may plan to pick up your singer between 4 and 7pm on that day.

We will not know our daily schedule with the festival until this summer. For families making plans to travel to Scotland, you can assume that we will be performing somewhere in Aberdeenshire nearly every day between July 29 and August 6.
Tour Funds
As a reminder, the first tour payment of $737.50 is due March 1--one week from today (followed by April 1, May 1, and June 1).  Please note these due dates are firm! Tour statements were emailed to families on February 4.
Please make sure you are paying attention to all REQUIRED Scotland Tour rehearsals when making plans for this summer.  You can view the calendar (as well as other tour bits) here: http://www.madisonyouthchoirs.org/aberdeen

The Facebook group will be the primary way we are able to share updates while in Scotland. You can request to join the group here: Scotland 2016 Facebook Group

We leave in 155 days!